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enertec Wind
Capacity Measurements
conductin wind measurements,
installation & maintenance
of wind masts
Enertec enertec enertec
enertec Reweable Energy
Sources Systems
energy production cslculation,
sustainability studies,
environmental impact studies
Enertec enertec enertec
enertec Installation
of RES Systems
installation of all RES systems,
supply of accessories,
installation of equipment
Enertec enertec enertec
enertec Maintenance
of RES Systems
maintenance of all RES systems,
maintenance of equipment materials
Enertec enertec enertec
enertec Maintenance
& Construction
of Medium / High Voltage
Networks & Substations
Enertec enertec enertec

Since 2006 we are moving together for a green environment!


years of experience


projects in Greece


has aldready trusted us


We manufacture
wind masts &
measuring equipment


We construct
all around

Services of Enertec

Enertec is active in the field of renewable energy sources and offers you the following services:

Wind dynamic studies

Studies of RES systems

Installation of RES systems

Maintenance of RES systems

Maintenance - Construction of networks & substations of medium / high voltage

Installation of fiber optic networks


The company with 15 years in the field of Renewable Energy Sources, with modern equipment and experienced personnel has developed 236 projects throughout Greece since 2006 until today.

The company’s goal is to provide services with the best reliability and quality, in parallel with the minimum response time.

Commercial sector provides and manufactures products related to the measurement of wind potential, electrical and automation material related to RES as well as related substructures.